About costs

In principle, we see clients on a referral basis.

1 Civil cases
In reference to the former Daini Tokyo Bar Association’s fee rules, decisions shall be made by mutual consultation on the basis of: Startup fee: 5 – 8% of the disputed amount Contingency fee: 10 - 16% of monetary amounts acquired/defended. In the case of lawsuits, they shall be determined on a tier-by-tier basis. In addition, when the case is extremely difficult, or if the volume of paperwork is expected to be extremely large, etc., monetary amounts may increase depending on the particulars of each case.
2 Criminal cases
Both the startup fee and contingency fee shall be determined by mutual consultation depending on the particulars of each case. The startup fee and contingency fee shall be charged separately for each stage of investigation and each trial stage (on a tier-by-tier basis as to trial stages).
3 Time-charge system
If a time-charge system is adopted, the charge shall be determined by mutual consultation. (Time charges will differ according to the particular attorney.)
4 Per-diem allowance
According to the total number of hours spent on an out-of-the-office workload, a calculation shall be made based on an hourly rate per attorney of 10,000 yen (not including consumption tax).
5 Consultant
As a general rule, the fee shall be 50,000 yen or more (not including consumption tax) on a monthly basis by mutual consultation.
6 Actual expenses
As for expenses required for paperwork, actual expenses shall be charged with a breakdown shown.

Legal Consultation

We always accept requests for legal consultation on any legal issues.
Requests shall be made only by telephone or by this form.
You are required to appear at the office for legal consultation.
Response to Legal Consultation
An initial legal consultation shall generally be conducted by a Representative Partner and appropriate advice shall be given to the consulter.
Legal Consultation Fee
The initial legal consultation fee shall be calculated at ¥10,000 per 30 minutes.
If it is necessary to have legal consultations more than once on the same matter, the consultation fee shall be charged by the hour for the second consultation and thereafter.
Hourly charges will differ according to the attorney in charge.
We will explain it to the clients at the time of completion of the initial legal consultation.

Application For Legal Consultation

Applications for consultation concerning various legal issues are also accepted via the following form.“※” indicates required items.

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